A single dashboard to navigate eons of retail data.
  • Real-time competitive intelligence
  • Price optimization
  • Automatic benchmarking
Compare & Analyze Optimize Price Search & Match Estimate & Manage Track Trends
Compare & Analyze

Spot market trends faster with competitive retail data for any e-commerce retailer, category, or brand. Go deeper. Get detailed data at a sub-category and attribute level. Monitor competition's catalog movement, including added, removed, and out-of-stock products.

price optimize
Optimize Prices

Our sophisticated price optimization software analyzes your competitors' feeds and internal data to make pricing simple. Maximize profit margins with recommended price estimates and data on Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP).

optimize price
Exact & Similar Matches

Compare 'apples to apples' with our product taxonomy, which normalizes product data for consistency with refined matching accuracy 'like' product.

manage stock
Estimate & Manage Stock

Prevent ill-timed out-of-stocks and excess inventory by knowing what shoppers are buying from you and your competitors. Adapt your merchandise to meet demands on time.

estimate manage stock
Track Trends

Spot what's hot and know exactly which products shoppers want. Access rich market data down to individual SKUs, product attributes, categories, or brand. Gain visibility into product catalogs, and pinpoint hot categories and products for timely promotions to increase your sales.

track trends
Boost sales from
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