AI-driven Pricing & Content Optimization for Marketplaces

Improve customer experience and conversions by offering seamless, optimized content and competitive prices across seller listings. Unlock the full potential of automation and AI, integrated directly with eCommerce platform APIs like Mirakl, for unparalleled efficiency and performance.

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Overcoming Marketplace Challenges With
Advanced Analytics

Struggling to offer seamless content experiences?

Get consistent content across 3P seller listings


Unable to establish winning prices?

Offer pricing that gives you a competitive edge

winning prices

Finding it tough to optimize product copy?

Enhance PDPs with AI-generated copy


Grappling with low product visibility and discoverability?

Improve share of search and digital shelf ranking


Want help with increasing sales and market share?

Increase shopper retention and conversions with AI

market share
Struggling Bag

Improve Searchability with Product Content Optimization

Shopper journeys are more complex than ever and are a mix of online and offline channels. This makes it challenging for marketplaces to curate seamless content experiences across every platform. What makes it more challenging is the thousands of 3P sellers selling millions of products on marketplaces. Intelligence Node’s content optimization platform is built keeping this challenge in mind, with content dashboards curated for 3P sellers, who can review, audit, and optimize their listings with ease. Additionally, API integration enables them to push changes live with a click of a button, ensuring optimized content across listings.

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Learn How Top Marketplaces Leverage Intelligence Node's AI Analytics

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Streamline Operations by Seamlessly Integrating with Native Platforms

By accessing product data from your native eCommerce platform APIs, Intelligence Node not only audits but also automatically rectifies the PDP optimizations. It enables automation in its true sense where sellers can accept content recommendations with a click of a button to implement them on the live marketplace.


Increase Share of Search with Digital Shelf Analytics

Most online customer journeys today start with search. And the higher you are placed on search results, the better your chances of making a sale. Intelligence Node's digital shelf analytics platform is powered by proprietary AI and highly accurate product matching technology to track, compare, and optimize digital shelf performance in real-time. It empowers marketplaces to optimize critical ranking factors such as pricing, product content, assortments, and customer feedback, thereby improving organic visibility and search share.

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Share of Search

Why Intelligence Node for Marketplace Analytics?

matching accuracy
99% product
matching accuracy
refresh rates
10-sec data
refresh rates
Plug & Play
Patented data scraping
across global websites
Global Scope
Retail AI across 6
continents & 100+ languages
Plug & Play
Rapid ROI
Predictive Analytics &
Trend Forecasting
Boost Your Marketplace Sales: Enhance seller listings with superior content and strategic pricing

Optimize Pricing for Enhanced Margins & Conversions

With online marketplaces like Amazon as competitors, marketplaces need to pull out the big guns to be competitive and increase conversions. Intelligence Node’s advanced price monitoring and optimization solutions help track, monitor, and compare the prices of millions of products across your competitive landscape in real-time and with 99% accuracy. Our intuitive AI also identifies optimal pricing opportunities based on market gaps and competitor prices. This enables marketplaces to offer the best prices to their shoppers, increasing conversions without compromising on margins.

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