PriceIntelligence AI

Dynamic Pricing App for Shopify

Harness Intelligence Node’s AI-driven pricing insights trusted by the biggest retailers across the globe. Boost your margins with rule based dynamic pricing and automated price optimization for Shopify.

PriceIntelligence AI

Harness Intelligence Node’s AI-driven pricing insights trusted by the biggest retailers across the globe. Boost your margins with rule based dynamic pricing and automated price optimization for Shopify.


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AI-Driven Price Intelligence

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Benefits of PriceIntelligence AI

Dynamic Pricing Decisions
Make Data-driven Dynamic Pricing Decisions

Our rule-based dynamic pricing powered by AI driven algorithms enables Shopify retailers to easily customize rules and edit existing rules at any point in time. With visibility into competitor prices, matching SKUs, and price movements, sellers can make data-driven pricing decisions and reap the benefits, instantly.

Accurately Match
Accurately Match Exact and Similar Products

Our exact and similar matching capabilities at over 99% accuracy levels and 4x daily refresh rates offer precise competitive benchmarking and SKU level product and price comparisons that can help grow your product level margins substantially.

Price Optimization
Experience Price Optimization Around the Clock

With Intelligence Node’s PriceIntelligence AI app, you can automate your dynamic pricing strategy and enjoy the benefits of optimized, competitive pricing around the clock.

Get Daily Custom
Get Daily Custom Alerts

With custom alerts and through dashboard, you can get daily updates on price movements, overpriced and underpriced products benchmarked against your competitors and automatically optimize prices as per your strategic rules.

Save Time
Save Time & Manpower

Save time and manpower with PriceIntelligence AI’s automated dynamic pricing that you would otherwise need to invest in manually monitoring 1000s of SKUs across all competitors.

Grow Your Margins
Grow Your Margins

Leverage AI-driven pricing algorithms trusted by global retailers to optimize prices on a daily basis and grow your margins down to the product level.

Why PriceIntelligence AI

Competitor Price Monitoring, Rule Based Dynamic Pricing, & Price Optimization

Intelligence Node developed PriceIntelligence AI to expand its AI-powered price intelligence, competitive price monitoring, and dynamic pricing capabilities to the Shopify retailers across the world.

With our app, Shopify retailers can harness the same ecommerce insights that the world’s largest retailers are using to optimize their prices. With just a few clicks, you can set up rules based dynamic pricing and competitive benchmarking for similar and exact products against your competition.

Once you get onboarded onto the Shopify PriceIntelligence AI app, all your in-scope data gets automatically synced with the Intelligence Node console to give you a seamless, hasslefree pricing experience.

With daily custom alerts, Shopify retailers can closely monitor prices against their competitors down to the product level. The pre-set pricing rules can automatically optimize prices at all times to reflect the most competitive pricing across your entire product catalog.

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Entry package for a taste of AI-driven retail

Refresh Rate
2x Daily
Customer to provide SKU matches

Great for businesses who want to grow faster

Refresh Rate
4x Daily
We provide SKU matches (one time)

Everything you need to grow profits 2X

Refresh Rate
6x Daily
We provide SKU matches (recurring)
Frequently Asked Questions

PriceIntelligence AI

Where can I find the PriceIntelligence AI Shopify app by Intelligence Node?
The PriceIntelligence AI Dynamic Pricing app is available on the Shopify App Store.
Is there a free plan available for the PriceIntelligence AI app?
Yes, our Starter plan is completely free and lets retailers choose upto 3 competitors and 1000 product SKUs for product matches, dynamic pricing, and optimization. You can easily upgrade your plan at any time, if your requirements exceed the Starter plan.
Can I implement PriceIntelligence AI without any technical skills?
Yes! PriceIntelligence AI is an easy to use application where all you have to do is fill your preferences and complete a few steps to finish your onboarding and set up your account. Once your account is activated, you can set rules for price optimization and monitor and update prices as per smart recommendations, daily, on your PriceIntelligence AI custom dashboard.
Does PriceIntelligence offer automatic price updates?
Yes, with our real-time price optimization offering, PriceIntelligence AI will optimize prices of in scope SKUs as per pre-set pricing rules, which will automatically reflect on your online store.
Can I manually update my prices using PriceIntelligence AI?
Yes, you can select the offline price optimization option to download the daily smart price recommendations and upload them in your system manually.
Can I switch between real-time (automatic) and offline (manual) price updates?
Yes, with PriceIntelligence AI, you have the flexibility to switch between real-time and offline price optimization, at any time.
Can I create multiple pricing rules to determine smart prices?
Yes! If you want to select additional price rules than those displayed in the PriceIntelligence AI app, to determine smart price recommendations, you can visit our dashboard to select more options.
Can I set minimum pricing levels?
Yes, our rule-based dynamic pricing lets you determine the minimum price percentage to flag whether your prices are overpriced or underpriced.
Can I get exact product matches for my SKUs?
Yes, our product match algorithms enable you to get exact matches for your in scope SKUs. If exact matches are not available, you will be provided with attribute based similar product matches.
Can I change Actions To-Do on the app dashboard?
The Actions To-Do are predefined action items that have been fashioned by PriceIntelligence AI keeping in mind all the key activities related to your data and cannot be changed from your end. If you feel the need to change these, you can write to us at
What data refresh rate does PriceIntelligence AI app offer?
PriceIntelligence AI refreshes data 4 times a day. If you want a refresh rate at more frequent intervals, we can customize it and provide up to a 10 second refresh rate for an additional monthly fee. You can write to us a for more details.
What if I need to change existing competitor URLs?
You can change or add to your existing list of competitor URLs any time from within the PriceIntelligence AI dashboard.
How do I change my pricing plan? What if I want to add more SKUs?
It is very simple to upgrade your pricing plan from within the app. As you add more SKUs or competitors to your selections, your plan will automatically upgrade and you will be instantly notified of the updated pricing as per the new selections.
What is the billing cycle for PriceIntelligence AI?
PriceIntelligence AI follows a monthly billing cycle. You will be notified in advance of your upcoming billing date and your billing amount will automatically get deducted from your authorized credit card.
Where can I find the updated pricing recommendations?
All your smart price recommendations, price movements, and product matches get updated 4 times daily and will be available to you in the rule management console of the app.
Does the Shopify PriceIntelligence AI app work in my country?
Yes, our Shopify app works across geographies and currencies.
Can I get a customized plan for my Shopify business?
Yes, our Enterprise Plan gives you an option to customize our solution to best suit your requirements. Reach out to us at
Who do I contact for help?
You can write to us at with any questions or concerns. We will get back to you at the earliest.
How can I deactivate my PriceIntelligence AI account?
Uninstall the PriceIntelligence AI app from the Shopify app store to deactivate your account.
Can I add to or change price rules at any given time?
Yes, price rules are fully customizable and you can add, edit, or delete them at any time from the Rules Management Console available through your PriceIntelligence AI dashboard.
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