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Data-driven decision-making is no longer a luxury - it's an absolute necessity to remain relevant and competitive in retail. Harness the power of superior, quality data with easy integration sans the R&D, training, upkeep, and infrastructure costs. As the only independent retail data-powerhouse, we make the data work for you so you don’t have to work for it.

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Embrace DeepLearning AI.

It’s hard to compete with giants like Amazon who have endless data resources and retail algorithms perfected over a decade. So we have compiled the world’s largest, most holistic product and pricing dataset using AI-driven proprietary algorithms, so you can access real-time retail data packaged in an intuitive and beautiful user interface. Our dashboards and APIs need zero tech integration and can be shared across multiple teams.

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Retail Analysts

  • Access the world’s largest, cleanest retail dataset with record refresh rates.
  • Customize dashboards for different business use cases.
  • Pilot test strategies and simulate pricing automation before scaling.
  • Integrate dynamic pricing and retail automation to your front-end, ERP or CRM systems.
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Business Analysts

  • Leverage insightful dashboards for efficient, data-backed decision-making.
  • Go beyond internal sales data for a play-by-play of your competitive landscape.
  • Utilize risk-free high-ROI enterprise solutions.
  • Collaborate more effectively with easy data export and customizable notification systems.
  • For more information, check our FAQs
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Intelligence Node has Showed us how to Stay Ahead of our Competitors…

“ We needed a clear insight into the market, and this is where Intelligence Node helped us. With efficient analytical tools, we were able to understand how competitive we’ve priced our products. ”

Mederic Payne
Mederic Payne
CEO, Home Centre

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