Price Optimization Guide To eCommerce Success

Businesses often spend an inadequate amount of time strategically thinking about their product prices. But price strategy deserves a lot more attention, especially for online brands and retailers. According to Oberlo, there will be more than 2.1 billion online shoppers in 2021. It is a given that they will comparison-shop. This means if the products […]

The Future of Retail is Consumer Centric Pricing

Retail Has Transformed More In a Year Than in the Last 10 2020 was an unprecedented year and left the world in disruption and uncertainty. But, with the social distancing mandates and mandatory home quarantines came the sudden and lasting shift to eCommerce. Let’s look at some numbers that prove the point that retail’s massive […]

How To Drive Price Perception and Deliver the Walmart Value

With industry leaders like Walmart, Amazon, and Target setting the standard, matching your prices in real-time is becoming an increasingly difficult task. These big-name brands shrewdly utilize powerful proprietary algorithms to make their offers nearly impossible to beat. Walmart has aggressively sped up its digitization in the last five years to come up to speed […]

Price Match On Amazon: The Battle For The E-commerce Throne

Earlier, if people needed something, they had to drive around town to buy things from different places. Thanks to the Internet and its gaining popularity, there are a lot of e-commerce websites. E-commerce is the act of buying and selling products and services online. These days, you can get anything online, cars, books, toys, furniture, […]

Pricing Benchmarks: Where Do You Stand?

Let’s start off with the basic definition – what are pricing benchmarks? It’s the process of comparing your prices to the prices of the competition in a specific market segment. Why, one might ask, blissful in ignorance. The answer is very simple – because understanding your pricing and your position among your competition is of […]

Pricing Your Product: Part Art & Part Science

Pricing. It’s that enigmatic element of any business that’s sure to keep executives up at night and constantly second-guessing themselves. Fire up a Google search or read any business advice book, and you’re bound to come across a bazillion different pricing strategies, all of which are purported to be an instant shot in the arm […]

How to Price a Product at a Rate That Flies Off the Shelf

People can be extremely picky about prices. Most American consumers are looking for the highest quality item for the lowest price. This can make things challenging for those hoping to make a profit in return for providing the product. The treasured secret to a successful business is having the right system to price products properly. […]

Setting Retail Prices Right – 7 Pricing Strategies To Follow!

What’s the Right Pricing Strategy for your Retail Business? Amongst the most daunting tasks required to survive the retail market is the know-how involved in setting good, competitive, attractive prices. Without a smart strategy, retailers often find themselves in two broad categories of bad pricing- low, cheap, attractive prices that grab attention but sacrifice a […]

How to Succeed with Your Skimming Pricing Strategy

Let’s assume you have a product you’re ready to launch. You’ve weighed all the possible pricing strategies that are out there, and you’ve opted to go with a skimming pricing strategy where your price is set high based on the value to maximize profits, and then lowered over time to attract your the more frugal […]