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Retail Budgeting: 3 Key Capabilities to Build During Economic Uncertainty

The current state of global retail is teetering on a cliff. Between the U.S. – China trade war, progressively stumbling sales figures, and the looming threat of recession, retailers everywhere are finding themselves in a dangerously precarious position. As such, it’s worth coming to terms with an increasingly apparent fact: technology-based data-driven pricing intelligence can […]

Retail Planning : Driving Revenues with Technology

The best thing about January is the opportunity to start again, a general optimism for doing better retail planning than last year . More so for retail, being one of the hardest hit industries last year. As retailers re-evaluate 2018’s retail planning decisions, the overarching theme for Budget ‘19 is ‘uncertainity’, given the current political […]

Early Bird Guide to Black Friday

Since 2017 has been a year of retail reinvention and consolidation, expect intense competition for consumer wallets this holiday season, which is coming up fast. There’s no time to waste: Now is the time to finalize your Black Friday 2018 strategy because this is the most important (and profitable) time of year for online businesses.

Riding the Back-To-School Wave to Retail Success

Anyone who’s been in the retail business knows how important capitalizing on the shopping wave during the back-to-school, or BTS, season is. Depending upon which expert you ask, this potential boom in sales is the 2nd, or 3rd, biggest one during a calendar year. As summer camps draw to an end, parents start a frenzy […]