Here’s What Brands Can Learn from Nike & Adidas’ Digital Disruption Amidst COVID-19

Examining the increasingly digital, personalized sportswear market. As with many retail sectors, the 2020 sportswear faced some unprecedented changes due to Covid-19 — both from customers and the market at large. For starters, Covid’s impact can be seen in changing customer values. On a surface level, demand for athleisure increased. The pandemic forced stay-at-home orders […]

A Robust MAP Compliance Across Online Marketplaces

Table of contents : What is MAP Compliance Monitoring & Why Do I Need it? How Can I Enforce A Robust MAP Pricing Policy & Reduce Violations? How Do I Benefit From MAP Policy Enforcement? Everyone of us who is well versed with online shopping has at least some time encountered or even purchased a […]

What Sets Beauty Brands Apart From Other Retail Categories

This article was first published on Forbes on Apr 23, 2020, and is authored by Intelligence Node CEO Sanjeev Sularia in his capacity as a member of the Forbes Tech Council. Recent retail news depicts a tale of two distinct fates: stores that are prospering, and those that are barely hanging on. 2019 was a tumultuous year […]

Announcing the Launch of our New Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed Intelligence Node website! At Intelligence Node, our goal is to listen to our customers’ needs and deliver the experience they deserve. And that’s what we aim to do with our new website – provide an elevated, personalized user-experience and seamless and easy navigation. With […]

Winning the Retail Brand War: Growth in 2020

Today’s retail landscape is becoming an increasingly complicated and competitive battlefield. In practically every retail sector, brands are struggling to keep up with the numerous evolving factors. Take, for instance, the struggle of capturing attention. How does a retail brand go about engaging an audience base that is constantly exposed to an overload of content? […]

Enforcing a Robust MAP Policy to Protect your Brand Reputation

With the precarious state of today’s e-commerce landscape, your brand’s reputation is at risk… And so are your profits. As it currently stands, thousands of unchecked resellers are threatening the integrity of online products. By selling at prices lower than the agreed-upon map policy, these resellers put a ceiling on a brand’s sales potential and […]

A Tour of Intelligence Node’s New Office

Last month, the Intelligence Node team moved to a bigger, swankier office after an impressive year and some major growth spurt. We put in a lot of thought into the design and amenities for our new office space, drawing on the guidance of our friends from Glauben Designs, so we thought we’d take you on […]

How to set fashion prices that fit

As fashion gets faster and more global, it’s also getting more complex and competitive. Many apparel retailers and brands struggle with decisions about which numbers to put on their price tags to ensure they attract enough consumers willing to pay while protecting their brand reputation and profit margins. Let’s look at how today’s most successful […]

What IKEA Can Teach You About Retail Cash Flow

Have you ever wondered what are the secrets of efficient back-end operations, seamless supply chains and almost inexhaustible cash flows of large retail companies like IKEA? Well, we have, and what we found out will expand your horizons and help you grasp what it takes to have an efficient cash flow mechanism. Elements of an […]

What You Can Learn From Zara’s Product Controversy

Global fashion retailer Zara recently caused a public uproar following accusations that the brand copied the work of independent artists. Last week, Los Angeles-based artist Tuesday Bassen announced on her instagram account that she had filed an official complaint against Zara for copyright infringement. She joins at least a dozen artists who allege Zara stole their […]