Who is set to win the 2020 grocery price wars?

With the onset of the pandemic and the subsequent 360-degree shift in consumer buying behavior and priorities, there have been some immediately tangible effects on the food and grocery market which has been highest in importance, testing all their existing retail management systems and abilities to keep up with demand. Factors such as quality, price,  […]

Is your pricing engine software costing you 20% in revenue?

Don’t let blindspots eat away your precious margins! If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that the retail landscape has changed for good and pivoting your strategies by leveraging technology is your best bet to thrive in this new, digitally driven retail economy. Many retailers and brands perished in the disruptive months following the […]

How Your Pricing Policy Affects Your Sales

Price optimization is one of the key factors in every business operation as it can raise prices whilst improving sales volumes at the same time. Savvy pricing managers will implement it and focus on building their business to cater to the most profitable customer. However, that sounds easier in theory than it is in practice […]

It’s All About (the) Ecommerce Pricing Strategies

On its own, pricing is a complex subject that requires a thorough understanding, yet it is massively important. If you set it right, the sales and profit will flow. Get it wrong and, well, you know, you’re doomed, to put it mildly. Your pricing affects everything, from profit margins and sales to brand positioning and […]

5 of the Best Penetration Pricing Examples

In a market heavily driven by consumer trust and brand loyalty, many consumers are reluctant to switch brands or try new products. The barriers to entry in a retail market are very high both due to the heavy competition and demanding consumer base. Retailers need to think outside the box to make waves in the […]