Ecommerce Holiday Shopping Predictions for 2016

As retailers continue to lament the nosedive retail sales have taken, eCommerce is a bright spot amid an increasingly bleak retail outlook. Sales are notoriously difficult to predict, especially online, but 2015 can teach us much about what to expect in 2016. Make sure your brand is ready for the season with these 2016 eCommerce […]

Model vs. Mannequin: Which Produces More Sales?

A model can make even a lackluster piece of clothing look gorgeous by highlighting its silhouette, showing how the garment fits with other pieces, and encouraging an aspirational approach to buying. Of course, almost no one can afford the best models, and few small business owners can afford professionals. This leaves most businesses to choose […]

10 Secrets to Success with Shopify

In less than a decade, the eCommerce space has seen incredible development and has created countless tools for brands and retailers to streamline online shopping for consumers, allowing them to remain competitive in the face of a wildly growing industry. Among the most popular platforms for eCommerce businesses is Shopify. Shopify is growing rapidly with […]

How to Take Advantage of Ecommerce Fulfillment Pricing

With each passing year, eCommerce sites are becoming more and more established as consumers’ preferred way to shop. Thanks to the convenience involved in online shopping and the wider variety of products that sites can offer, the customer experience offered online is both rising in prominence as well as shaping the retail landscape in general.

What Your Store Can Learn from Uber’s Surge Pricing Method

The retail world of today is radically different from what the industry looked like just a few years ago, thanks in large part to the increasing prevalence of eCommerce as many consumers’ preferred way to shop. So many innovative approaches to marketing products and services have arisen that it is more essential than ever before […]

Mind the GTIN Gaps for eCommerce Conversion Optimization

Every online business knows that — when it comes to spreading awareness and expanding your reach — search engine optimization is key. More specifically, Google plays a critical role in making your business discoverable to new customers, and perhaps nowhere is this truer than the eCommerce space. However, therein lies some clear complications.