Are AI Technologies Paving a New Path for Food Retail?

2020 coaxed shoppers to adopt online shopping amidst the pandemic. This popularized eCommerce across all demographics and accelerated the shift to online shopping by years. Food & beverage, grocery, and edible CPG goods too saw a massive uptick in online orders and experienced unprecedented online demand during COVID-19. This trend is definitely here to stay […]

How to Classify, Match Product With Machine Learning

Billions of products are sold online, and there are numerous stores selling them. Identifying and matching products for various purposes like price comparison, becomes a challenge as there are no obvious global unique identifiers. This is where AI and Machine Learning come in. So Many Products and No Way to Match Them Across Stores There […]

3 Retail Leaders Using Big Data & AI to Drive Efficiency

Information is power – when we use it wisely. Far too many retail executives feel overwhelmed by the vast volumes of data their companies collect, which often accumulate into a massive, intimidating Mount Everest. Yet it’s no coincidence that the most successful retailers are those who invest in big data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI). […]