9 Retail Sales Strategies You Can’t Be Without

In any business, strategy is often the difference between a soaring success and a futile effort to connect with the customers you crave. However, with its continuing evolution and increasing competition in recent years, the eCommerce space might be even more reliant on the strength of retail sales strategies in order to capture business.

7 Pricing Experiments That Will Help Boost Sales

Whenever any kind of sales is involved, pricing will inevitably play an integral role in your business. Because consumers are always on the lookout for a deal, companies have come to develop a number of pricing strategies to convince prospective customers to take a chance on their products and/or services. Yet, because so much information […]

Capture More Retail Customers with Automated Price Monitoring

Ask any consumer what rationale guides their decision-making when it comes to retail purchases, and pricing will almost certainly emerge as one of the most prominent considerations. Because of this, business owners understand that the strategy they apply to their pricing can make all the difference in the long-term success they achieve (or don’t achieve) […]

How to Boost Retail Sales with Automated Discount Pricing

The retail space has certainly long known that pricing is a key factor in a customer’s decision whether to purchase a given product or service. However, while how much something costs is far from the only element influencing the sales process, pricing strategies continue to evolve as the marketplace becomes more and more crowded with […]

5 Online Retail Pricing Strategy Examples Worth Copying

Buy One Get One Free deals, Flat 50% off, Minimum 70% off & other crazy deals! Without them, where’s the fun in shopping online? For eCommerce owners, pricing their products is one of the most daunting tasks. They feel that not only should their prices be attractive for shoppers, but sales figures should always be in the […]

How to Utilize Competitive Price Intelligence for Best Results

What is Price Intelligence?  Price intelligence is a data-driven process for tracking, monitoring, and analyzing market trends and competitor price movements to make informed pricing decisions. It utilizes dynamic data-mining tools and AI-driven analytics to gauge the market, understand how customers react to price changes, and benchmark against competition to find the ideal price for […]