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Employee Spotlight: Meet Hetal, Our Legal Head & Company Secretary 

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1. What first attracted you to Intelligence Node? What has kept you here?

I was first attracted to this company because of (i) its mission and values, (ii) its strong commitment towards its clients (iii) the chance to work with talented and motivated promoters, stakeholders, and cross-functional teams (iv) the opportunities for career advancement, and (v) the positive company culture.

Multiple reasons have contributed to my staying here for over seven years now, including a sense of purpose and fulfillment, ample growth opportunities, challenging and exciting work, a supportive and collaborative team environment, and the satisfaction of contributing to the company’s success and its customers.

2. Describe the nature of your role in short and how it has changed/developed over the years

My journey started with Intelligence Node seven years back. I started with aligning all the company’s compliance and ensuring all legal documents were in place. I gradually led several funding rounds in the company and successfully registered various IPRs. Further, I got to participate in and even spearhead other allied functions like contract management, vendor management, designing company policies, HR compliances, shifting to new office space, interacting with various stakeholders, overseas compliances, collections, etc. I am thankful for the opportunities this company has provided me, and I look forward to contributing to its continued success.

3. How has your career trajectory been since you joined Intelligence Node?

Since I joined the company, my career trajectory has always been upward and onward. I jumped into many projects with limited skills in that area. However, as I progressed in that project, I came out with extensive experience and knowledge. I am grateful that Intelligence Node identified potential in me and helped me expand my vision in various areas.

4. How does Intelligence Node make you feel valued?

The company values all its employees and considers them its most significant assets. Feedback from management and the freedom to drive any project independently gives me immense pride and a sense of being valued and trusted. 

The workplace culture is also incredibly positive and supportive, focusing on teamwork, collaboration, and open communication. I appreciate the importance the company places on work-life balance of its employees and encourages them to prioritize their well-being.

5. Share one piece of advice for a new INodian.

A couple of tips for new INodians: be open-minded and willing to learn, take ownership & initiative, set goals for yourself and the company and prioritize them, embrace the company culture and understand the company’s values, mission, and vision. Always push your boundaries and be ready to go the extra mile, which will help you grow.

6. Share some of your most memorable moments at Intelligence Node.

I can think of many memorable moments at Intelligence Node, starting from my first day at the office, Town Hall meetings, winning the series B round of funding, annual parties, interacting with various stakeholders, and farewelling a few colleagues. Overall, I have seen the company’s and my own growth parallelly in the last seven years, which stands out as a satisfactory moment.

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