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Rebranding Intelligence Node: What This Means for our Customers & Partners

We are excited to announce that we have completed a rebranding exercise that aligns our products and services with the evolving eCommerce landscape. Intelligence Node, a product intelligence platform that empowers online businesses to win customers and grow margins, is now positioned to better communicate our breadth of expertise and the total value of our product offerings with global retailers and brands. At the heart of this rebranding effort is our commitment to innovation, growth, and customer satisfaction. 

Intelligence Node’s mission is to provide retailers and brands the most accurate picture of the online buying experience, so consumers are given fair choices. In the last year, we have accelerated our acquisition of Fortune 500 category leaders like Nestle, Prada, LIDL, Lenovo, and others, achieving 100% year-over-year growth. Our rebranding aims to align our products and services with the growing eCommerce global markets and reflects the positive sentiment that our customers are projecting today. 

Intelligence Node’s new, contemporary, and customer-centric website design and brand identity offers refreshed product names, messaging, and new solutions like Digital Shelf Analytics and Product Availability – segmented for brands and retailers. 

Platform Repositioning and New Product Names 

Over the last year, Intelligence Node has developed closer relationships with its prospect and customer base. We believe our business is well positioned to grow in existing and new markets and, as such, we decided to reposition our product offering to align with the markets in which it sells.  

Intelligence Node’s core solutions remain the same and solve important problems for retailers and brands related to price & promotions, assortment & availability, search & digital shelf analytics and brand protection. Retailers and brands will now find Intelligence Node’s unique product features under one product name that speaks to their market segment:

Brand Intelligence – an AI-based offering that serves brands like Lenovo, Prada, Nestle, Clos19 and others.  Modules included are Price & Promotions, Assortment & Availability, Digital Shelf Analytics and Brand Protection.

Retailer Intelligence – a comprehensive offering that serves retailers like John Lewis, Lidl, Li & Fung, and others. Modules included are Search & Digital Shelf Analytics, Assortment & Availability, Pricing & Promotions.

Data Intelligence – our API offering that enables our data to feed directly into back-end systems for channel partners, brands, or retailers.

A Modern Interactive Design

Intelligence Node has moved from being a point solution to a comprehensive eCommerce intelligence platform. Our new brand design showcases a vibrant color palette, rich and extensive content, and elevated aesthetics. It highlights Intelligence Node’s differentiation using interactive graphics, more customer testimonials and success stories, and additional use cases. 

Our new brand colors

Brand Personification through Zoey, a Tech-Savvy Shopper

As part of the brand redesign, we wanted to give our brand a personality that speaks directly to our digital-first customers and prospects.

Zoey, a modern tech-savvy shopper, that appears at the bottom of our pillar pages, reflects everything that Intelligence Node stands for. She wants to see retail democratized – she wants brands and retailers to do the right thing for the consumer.  And she wants her shopping experience to be fast and accurate

And, like Intelligence Node, she will never compromise on quality. She is an overachiever, that is modern and progressive. Like us, she is a perfectionist, always putting that extra effort in to gain 99% accuracy. 

While our Brand Design has Changed, our Ethos Remains the Same

At Intelligence Node, we have and will always put our customers first. Our messaging and design might have changed but our commitment to making our customers’ lives easier and their margins larger by making reliable, fast data available to them, hasn’t.  

Inclusion, fairness, and open culture are at the heart of our company philosophy. We strongly believe that our dedicated and highly skilled employees make the company and their growth and development is as important to us as the success of our company. 

As we move forward to achieve our next milestone, I would like to thank our customers and partners who believe in us everyday and all the wonderful people at Intelligence Node for making this rebranding exercise a success. We have bigger and better things planned and are excited for you to be a part of our growth journey!