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A Tour of Intelligence Node’s New Office

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Last month, the Intelligence Node team moved to a bigger, swankier office after an impressive year and some major growth spurt. We put in a lot of thought into the design and amenities for our new office space, drawing on the guidance of our friends from Glauben Designs, so we thought we’d take you on a guided virtual tour here on our blog.

It’s only been a couple of weeks, but the team is already feeling at home! Our new workspace was laid out to make everyone be on their toes, get the creative juices flowing, and seamlessly blend play with work.

Reception area intelligence node

Our reception area is where visitors are first introduced to our space and where the team punches in each day, so we wanted it to give the best first impressions! Plush rugs, comfy sofas, and a dedicated vendor meeting area make it a warm space to wait and sip some cuppa. A cool addition is this official nook to take private calls: a phone booth inspired by the vibrant city that first brought Intelligence Node’s founding members together!

We really wanted our new office to reflect our history and values. The new space speaks visually of our journey onwards and upwards- from a team of five in 2012 to an award-winning retail solutions expert today. The theme for the interiors was inspired by Dr. Suess’s ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’, with conceptual and actual places reflected in our conference room names and vintage travel posters.

Our conference rooms are the real stars of our space. These hubs of collaboration and creativity feature elements like glass, steel, wood, and natural stone. We had a blast naming these rooms after our favorite fictional places to escape to- the biggest conference room became Westeros, the farthest became the land of ‘Far Far Away’. The glass walls are marked with quotes that have become a part of our company philosophy over the years.

Office hall intelligence node

Going the extra mile with a dedicated play area, a mini-library, a cafeteria, and lots of greenery we wanted to make our employees feel like they belong to something bigger than a cubicle. Nothing boosts productivity like strategic breaks away from the laptop for a call shot game on our brand new pool table or an after-lunch game of Monopoly.

The Amphi was designed to be a ‘something for everyone’ place, whether they were hard at work or just hanging out. It now doubles up as a work desk with ample leg-room and a very well-lit group photo location! Bibliophiles can now hide behind a book from our constantly updating library collection covering all genres from fantasy fiction to biographies of famous tech gurus.

Play area Intelligence Node


Reading area Intelligence Node

Our new cafeteria is perhaps the most popular corner in the office with a seemingly endless supply of snacks and entertainment.

Cafeteria Intelligence Node

All well-thought workplaces are born from the idea of making the office a second home for the team so they can function as a happy, motivated unit. Ours is a perfect blend of comfort, inspiration, and energy.

As Intelligence Node’s co-founder and CEO, Sanjeev Sularia, sums it up: “We did not want to lose the essence of startup culture, no matter how much we grew in size. A large, open floor plan made sense. It would encourage large teams to collaborate, interact, and cross function. The idea was to bring us all on one floor and still provide small nooks to ideate and interact with each other in effective huddles. Our new space was laid out to make everyone be on their toes, get the creative juices flowing, and seamlessly blend play with work.”

Intelligence Node employees Playing cards

We hope you had as much fun taking this tour as we had to make it.

Here’s to going places!

To know more about how it’s like to work at Intelligence Node, head over to our careers page.

For a demo of all the cool tools we make for retailers, let us know!

If you would like to become a partner agency, write to us.

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