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10 Retailer Marketing Blogs You Need to Read

Retail Marketing Blogs You Should Read

There are blogs popping up left and right, claiming to have the freshest, most juicy information on making money in the marketing world. How are we to know which links are worth our while? How many times have you clicked on something promising, just to have to sift through a bunch of blabber and jokes that aren’t funny in order to get what you need? OR, maybe you’re the type that enjoys a little humor with your info!

No matter how clear the information is, you will want to be sure that your source is reliable, and the tools they offer are your keys for success. Below is a list of 10 successful marketing blogs, along with explanations of exactly what you can expect when you get there.

The Shopify Blog

Shopify is a company that has made billions of dollars developing software for online stores. Their software helps stores by giving them simple marketing strategies to make their sites more successful. The Shopify blog dives deeper into problems that may arise, marketing tips, case studies and data that provide the ideal information for an online store looking for major growth.

The Help Scout Blog

Help Scout is a company with a conscience. They believe the key to success is maintaining complete transparency with customers to create strong and lasting relationships. They have over 7,000 support teams around the world and have only been around since 2011. Their blog covers all the bases and is incredibly easy to navigate.

The KissMetrics Blog

This blog gives readers new tools and addresses issues that marketers are constantly coming up against. Their information is straight forward and to the point, walking you through the problems and providing simple solutions. With more than 800 customers, this blog has been deemed dependable and they have the reviews to prove it.

The Nerd Marketing Blog

In the Nerd Marketing blog, Drew Sanocki talks about how he built his multimillion dollar brand, Design Public. He entertains the reader with quirks and quips to make you laugh out loud as you go. Sanocki’s personality is appealing enough to have a popular marketing podcast, as well.

The Forever Jobless Blog

In the Forever Jobless blog, Billy Murphy discusses his successful journey that began with him building a 7 figure Poker Media Company and resulted in much more. He proves insight about the perks of taking the “road less traveled.”

A Better Lemonade Stand

This blog’s goal is to make the path to your online business’s success an easy and smooth one. The founder, Richard Lazazzera, shares the strategies he used to build his own eCommerce business from the ground up.

The Backlinko Blog

In this blog, Brian Dean teaches you how to get more traffic on your site using backlinking. Here he provides you with techniques that are specifically geared to pull large amounts of traffic to your site, which will inevitably result in a larger customer base.

The Store Growers Blog

This blog is a no BS, clean, and to the point hub for marketing tools which will bump your business up to the next level. These techniques offer multiple ways to increase traffic on your site and sell your product successfully.

The Commerce Pulse Blog

Ecommerce Pulse is a business created by Leighton and Ryan Taylor to help people create and build their own Shopify stores. Their clients achieved more than $9 million in sales in 2014 by following their simple, yet constructive, tips. Check out their blog to get a taste of what these clients received from this savvy, successful couple.

My Wife Quit Her Job

In this blog, Steve Chou posts multiple articles a week that stem from his own experience of building an eCommerce business with his wife. Their business took off in a year, and was successful enough to allow his wife to quit her 6 figure job. Steve’s posts are packed with tips, ranging from selling products online to increasing your amount of email sign-ups.

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