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5 Things You Need to Know About the New Mobile Shopify App

New Mobile Shopify App

If you think your brand’s reputation speaks for itself, that you can rely on traditional marketing strategies and neglect the burgeoning world of mobile shopping, you’re dreaming. Shopify may be the biggest thing to happen to retail since online shopping and credit cards. The new mobile Shopify app can supercharge your sales. Think it’s not for you? Think again.

This app is surprisingly easy to use and can pay off in spades. Here are five things you absolutely must know to take advantage of the new mobile Shopify app.

Sello Democratizes the Selling Process

Twenty years ago, you needed a pricey brick and mortar store to run a business. Ten years ago, you needed a complex online infrastructure. Today, thanks to Shopify, you need only a simple mobile app. Sello democratizes the selling process by giving you ready access to a powerful platform and buyers ready to discover new products.

With Shopify’s new Sello app, there’s no need to build a website or worry about design elements. You only have to snap a few photos, add a price tag, and get ready for the sales to start streaming in. Because many businesses use social media to promote their products and locate new customers, the new app provides direct access to your products to interested customers. You can receive payment via credit card or PayPal, and can easily list products on various social media sites.

Key Data on the Home Page

Gone are the days of wasted time spent digging around an app looking for the information you need. The new Shopify app directs to the home page, where key data is readily available. Features on the home page include:

  • Real-time updates of store performance and analytics, including daily, weekly, and monthly visitors and total sales.
  • Suggested tasks based on data about your store.
  • Notifications to help you grow your business.
  • Detailed reports about sales channel performance, finances, and other key details available directly in the app.

Rapid-Fire Timeline Communication

Your Facebook Timeline merges numerous communications on one convenient page. There you can post and respond to comments, share photos, and navigate the entirety of your Facebook presence. Shopify’s Timeline feature offers similar convenience, providing rapid-fire communication options for updating your team. Team members can easily tag each other with an @ mention, and the new app now offers push notifications, ensuring you never miss an important message — whether you’re at home, at your office, or on the go.

On-the-Go Business Management

Shopify has the potential to save you thousands by reducing your overhead costs. Businesses can convert to entirely mobile platforms, channeling the power of social media to market their products without the exorbitant costs of a traditional brick and mortar store.

The convenience of the Shopify app just begins with this cost-cutting benefit, though. Shopify completely eliminates even the need for access to a desktop computer. You can manage every facet of your business from the mobile app. And unlike some mobile apps, the new incarnation of Shopify isn’t a stripped-down, featureless recipe for frustration. It offers real insights, real data, and meaningful opportunities to trim the fat from your budget while growing your business. You can do everything from anywhere, accessing a virtually endless array of features with merely a click or swipe.

Improved Technology

The new Shopify app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android marketplaces, opening access to users of nearly all digital preferences. The new app updates have made it faster, more stable, and more reliable, too. When you’re running a business, you can’t afford crashes, delays, and lost data. Shopify protects your reputation and your time with its seamless and reliable app.

Download the new Shopify app for free on the Google Play Store or the iPad/iPhone App Store.

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