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6 Retail Marketing Trends That Will Catapult Your Business

One of the worst things you can do with regard to your business is to insulate yourself from the industry you serve. In the case of eCommerce, the technology and tools you use to foster growth move along at such a rapid pace that you’re bound to become outdated unless you’re closely attuned to the latest retail marketing trends.

The eCommerce space may be constantly evolving, but with the right knowledge to guide the future of your business, you can benefit from emerging marketing trends and retain a significant lead over your competitors.

Examples to Lead

In recent years, eCommerce has grown by leaps and bounds, and though we understand that the advancements involved may seem overwhelming at first, we can’t stress enough just how vital it is that you make a concerted effort to implement the latest practices. After all, the performance of your business would only benefit with the most popular and powerful marketing trends in your back pocket. Here are a few retail marketing trends to follow based on what approaches are currently conquering the retail space.

Trend # 1. Leverage “micro-moments”

Mobile technology has largely reinvented the business landscape across the board, and consumers are constantly checking their smartphones for updates and to stay connected. By tapping into “micro-moments” with push notifications and other messages, you can reach retail consumers on a whole new level catered specifically to their lifestyle.

Trend #2. Embrace omni-channel marketing

Customers nowadays expect fluidity between mobile devices, laptop computers, phones and physical locations. Your business functions at its finest then when all these channels are united. Feeding leads from one to the next creates a unified experience that offers a pervasive awareness of your retail business. With this marketing trend, take a look at where your supply chain can improve, and consider introducing an app to support your new omni-channel structure.

Trend #3. Incentivize consumers to promote you

You may have noticed that many successful retail businesses have turned to exclusive discounts and rewards for premium customers who sign up for a free program. Now these incentive programs are expanding outward, encouraging frequent patrons to spread the word about your business on social media and elsewhere. Believe us, satisfied customers are the best marketing tool you have.

Trend #4. Don’t delay automation initiatives

Few methods to streamline your operation will ever prove as effective as automation. From scheduling outreach emails tailored to each specific customer subset to dynamic pricing that adjusts to the market, countless possibilities await your eCommerce business. In fact, did you know that there are ways to even automate discount pricing strategies to stay one step ahead of your competition? The Incompetitor software platform monitors all of your competitor’s pricing strategies in real time so that you can stay ahead.This more intuitive approach to the industry is precisely the time-saving tool you need to foster fresh growth.

I want to get smart with my pricing

Trends #5. Kick up content marketing efforts

Content marketing may be more important than ever before, particularly in the eCommerce space. This approach, of course, offers consumers a value-added bit of content that will hopefully boost awareness and ultimately sales. As content marketing continues to evolve, more innovative and competitive ways to capture leads are coming to the forefront.

Trend #6. Promote your site’s personalization

Today’s consumers have been groomed with customized interaction across their technology, and your business too can leverage this as part of your marketing strategy. Users expect an experience that is designed specifically with them in mind. For your business, that fact could have great impact on users’ purchase decision and allows you the chance to guide the shopping experience, perhaps even using location-based marketing and other sophisticated technology.

The Path Ahead

Of course, the retail marketing trends detailed above are only some of the directions that the eCommerce world is heading down. However, we’re confident that you now have a better grasp of where your retail business needs to be in order to become or remain at the forefront of the industry.

Once you are on top of the latest developments, you’ll need to keep a close eye on what may be waiting just around the corner and anticipate how your business can continually innovate. Your customer experience should always remain paramount, and one of the best ways to ensure that this is the case is to never let your business slip behind the times.

For more invaluable insights into how you should approach marketing your eCommerce business and use automation to drive future success, check out our new eBook, “Key Automated Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Store Success.”

Key Automated Marketing Strategies For eCommerce Store Success

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