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Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Viren Modi – Our In-house Entrepreneur

employee spotlight viren modi

What first attracted you to Intelligence Node? What has kept you here?

I am a data-forward person, and I love how the right analysis can give you actionable and relevant insights into practically anything. The opportunity to use data to help businesses grow is what attracted me to Intelligence Node. What has kept me here is the self-realization about how little I knew about the world of data and how much I get to learn regularly!

Describe the nature of your role in short and how it has changed/developed over the years

I am currently the only In-House Entrepreneur at Intelligence Node. Initially, I was expected to create client decks and only that, however, now it is more client-oriented in the sense that I have been given complete ownership of end-to-end project management/execution. Additionally, I often work on internal projects to improve our operational efficiencies. 

How has your career trajectory been since you joined Intelligence Node?

While my designation has remained unchanged, my learning trajectory has been exponential. I have learned not only how to derive actionable insights from data but also how to manage a diverse set of stakeholders (both internally and externally) and add significant value to our clients based on proven strategies/methodologies. 

How does Intelligence Node make you feel valued? or What about INode’s company culture do you like most?

What I like most about our company culture is the fact that we have a truly flat hierarchy where the decision-making process is extremely quick and efficient. Quick feedback and even faster approvals fuelled with a constant innovation culture has led Intelligence Node to where it is today! 

Share one piece of advice for a new INodian.

My only advice to a new INodian would be to soak up as much as possible in terms of learning, and to always keep asking as many questions as possible! 

Share some of your most memorable moments at Intelligence Node.

I have always enjoyed connecting with clients after successful project deliveries because, more often than not, their feedback has always been very positive and inspiring. I cherish these moments the most – knowing that all that hard work has actually added value! 

What are your areas of interest, outside of work?

Travelling to different parts of the country and exploring new food and culture is a big part of who I am. When I am not working, you will either find me somewhere away on a hike or a trip or making plans for my next excursion. 

‘Intelligence Node Speaks’ is a recurring series that features one-on-one interviews with our talented personnel from across teams and regions. Through these candid conversations, we want you to know the people who are an integral part of the Intelligence Node community, their journey navigating careers at Intelligence Node, and how they contribute to the company culture and growth. 

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