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Intelligence Node Speaks: Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Priya Gaikwad

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Meet Priya Gaikwad – An OG INodian and AVP Admin.

Priya is one of the original five at Intelligence Node and has been with the company for nine years. She is synonymous with Intelligence Node and has donned many hats during her time here. She has witnessed the company go through all its ups and downs, funding rounds, office moves, big wins, strategic changes, and more. We asked Priya some questions to get an inside look at her tenure at Intelligence Node. Let’s hear from her first-hand as she shares her experiences, memories, and growth trajectory at Intelligence Node. 

1. What first attracted you to Intelligence Node? What has kept you here?

Passionate founders, a small and resourceful team, and a pool of opportunities were what first attracted me to Intelligence Node, being one of the first hires in the Human Resource and Admin department. People and work are two valuable traits that I look for in a company and Intelligence Node has time and again provided me with both – allowing me to work amongst some of the most talented people and working on exciting and challenging projects that keep me on my toes. 

2. Describe the nature of your role in short and how it has changed/developed over the years

My current role is ideal for the self-starter in me, managing day-to-day operations and spearheading overall support functions and services including managing office moves and transforming office spaces to reflect Intelligence Node’s energy and personality. My journey with Intelligence Node started nine years back as an office administrator and now I head the entire Admin Department, solving day-to-day problems that push my boundaries and help me think outside the box. During my nine-year tenure, I have always had the opportunity to wear many hats and climb the growth ladder. 

3. How has your career trajectory been since you joined Intelligence Node?

It’s always been upward and forward. From starting as an office administrator to today being the AVP of the admin department, I have been able to add value to this position, continuously developing my skill level, moving into roles with greater responsibility, and contributing to the growth of the company.  

4. How does Intelligence Node make you feel valued? or What about INode’s company culture do you like most?

Almost everything about Intelligence Node’s company culture makes me feel valued. From beautiful office space, flexible work hours, open-door policy, and brilliant co-workers to immense growth opportunities, learning, and promotions.

Priya and the Enabling Functions team

5. Share one piece of advice for a new INodian.

Roll up your sleeves and jump into whatever needs to be done! Continuous learning and improvising your skill set to solve the problems in front of you should be your ultimate goal and success will follow!

6. Share some of your most memorable moments at Intelligence Node. 

I have a lot of memorable moments at Intelligence Node – the first day at the first office, moving from a small 1000 sq. ft. office space to the current 10000 sq. ft. office building in Andheri – all bring back great memories for me as I witnessed the company grow. Being a part of the company back in 2017 when it completed the 5-year milestone and today, as it’s within an arm’s reach of completing a successful decade, is a proud moment for me and a memory I will cherish for years to come. 

7. What are your areas of interest outside of work?

Drawing and painting is what I turn to whenever I get some free time. Painting elaborate landscapes is a form of meditation for me and works as a stress-buster. I also love watching Sci-Fi movies with my son and spending weekends experimenting with new recipes and enjoying our home-cooked meals together.  

‘Intelligence Node Speaks’ is a recurring series that features one-on-one interviews with our talented personnel from across teams and regions. Through these candid conversations, we want you to know the people who are an integral part of the Intelligence Node community, their journey navigating careers at Intelligence Node, and how they contribute to the company culture and growth.  

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